Curtis Reliford

Curtis founded Follow Your Heart Action Network, a grass-roots, non-profit organization started after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. In his travels across this country to make deliveries of donated goods to the displaced people of Louisiana, he witnessed the needs of people on Indian Reservations, ghettos, and the poorest communities.

Workshops & Presentations

  • De-Colonization and Anti-Oppression for Supportive Allyship

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    We live in a moment when wounds imparted throughout a long history of violence are being re-opened across the country. It is time to ask how those who have traditionally benefitted from oppression can best inhabit the role of a supporter. What can allies do to assist and show solidarity to black, indigenous, and people of color communities? How can allies contribute to the national discussion without reproducing their historical function as a colonizer? What does colonization and anti-oppression even mean in a modern context? Further, what can the festival community, and Lucidity specifically, do to become accessible to diverse participation and to broaden the circle of inclusion?

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