Tiffany is on a mission to spread happy positive energy to the world through PLAYfulness. She is a yoga teacher, healer, artist and life enthusiast who specializes in empowering others with Peace, Love, Art and Yoga to reach their fullest potential, express their most authentic self, and naturally experience the highest state of being to live a more PLAYful life.

She finds her niche in the chakra and energy realm and uses that as the basis for her offerings at inspiring retreats, workshops and trainings. She has most recently ascended in her Reiki Mastership which has revealed her soul purpose lies in healing others through lightwork.

She is wise in many illuminating modalities that promote peace, cultivate self-love, create beautiful art, and fuel unity through yoga, all of which are influenced and connected through the flow of universal life force energy – Reiki.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Energy Cleansing Ceremony

    60 min | Altar of Fire

    Using Reiki, breath, sound bowls, and sage intentionally during a meditation to cleanse the chakras and subtle energy body as a means for entering the festival feeling lighter and clearer. Cleansing the energy first allows for the vessel to be a pure channel for all the energy to flow and move through with ease to experience the festival offerings in full sensation.