Carmen Sandoval

Carmen Sandoval C.M.P, R.T is a Santa Ynez Samala Chumash, currently residing in New Cuyama. She is a Samala Chumash cultural knowledge holder and cultural educator and grew up on the Chumash reservation located in Santa Ynez, Ca. She is a California Certified Massage Practitioner and Radiologic/Fluoroscopic Technologist.

She states –

“Caring for my clients is my priority”

“I pride myself on my ability in creating a safe and relaxing space for my clients to heal themselves.”

Carmen will be leading a group plant walk. Identifying local native plants within our landscape and their traditional uses.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Native Plant Walk

    60 min | Lucid University Learning Piazza

    Join Carmen Sandoval on this informative walk around the festival venue learning about the plants and landscape. As a Chumash Tribal member and a Person of Place, who has known the area her whole life, Carmen will be sharing her knowledge by leading a group walk to identify and connect with local native plants in the Live Oak Campground, which is within the Chumash Nation. Group will meet in the Lucid University Piazza and adventure together from there.

  • Visionary Panel: De-Colonization and Anti-Oppression for Supportive Allyship

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    We live in a moment when wounds imparted throughout a long history of violence are being re-opened across the country. It is time to ask how those who have traditionally benefitted from oppression can best inhabit the role of a supporter. What can allies do to assist and show solidarity to black, indigenous, and people of color communities? How can allies contribute to the national discussion without reproducing their historical function as a colonizer? What does colonization and anti-oppression even mean in a modern context? Further, what can the festival community, and Lucidity specifically, do to become accessible to diverse participation and to broaden the circle of inclusion?

  • Guided Healing Meditation

    60 min | Altar of Spirit

    Carmen will be leading a group healing meditation incorporating traditional Chumash based energy work inspired by Reiki.

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