Captain Pat

Captain Pat (they/she/he/it) is a captain of the FriendSHYP. Captain is on a mission to making FriendSHYP on purpose with a purpose to raise human consciousness! The tools of choice for Captain to raise consciousness are mindfulness, nutrition for mind/body/spirit, environmental activism, and visual and performing arts!

Captain Pat has been working with children from ages 3-18 and their parents, teachers, & administrators for the last since 2005. He has been a home-room teacher in K-8 classrooms throughout California from 2010-2018. He is currently a professional best-friend, mindfulness life-coach, &consultant. Captain works with children ages 2-222, because we are all children of the one human family!

Captain Pat found mindfulness in 2012 through yoga as a means to gain flexibility. Little did he know yoga would lead him closer to God and to healing his body from years of football injuries including 5 years at the college level, eventually graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis on child and adolescent development. His schooling, at Loyola Marymount University, as an educator and passion for sharing ancient wisdom led him to deepen his understanding of yoga’s power to shape the body, mind, and spirit by attending mindfulness, yoga, and wellness training in Seattle with Breathe for Change. This has greatly fed the friendSHYP mission by giving Captain Pat greater innerstanding of mindfulness and yoga. Integration of these philosophies into his faith and everyday life is Captain Pat’s specialty. Making mindfulness memorable, manageable, meaningful, impactful is a major mention in the FriendSHYP mission. On the FriendSHYP we help you activate your superpowers to be your best friend!


Scheduled Workshops

  • Family activation

    45 min | Imaginarium

    Captain Pat’s friendSHYP workshop for children is about planting the seeds of self-awareness & peace by playfully using the tools of yoga, nurturing the qualities of self love, respect for others, compassion and gratitude! In this creative and fun class we explore different yoga poses in a friendly environment, through simple flows, games and play we work on focus, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and collaboration. We practice simple mindfulness techniques and child friendly meditations for happy, healthy minds, bodies and hearts. This workshop focuses on filling your own cup by befriendshing one self and how fill others cups bye spreading joy mindfully.

  • FriendSHYP Activation

    45 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    FriendSHYP Activation workshop will allow our participants 19+ to connect as we breathe, move, & play. Connect with themselves and the Lucidity community on a more intimate and personal level using breathing games, mindful movement, & friendly relating games to connect to self and the sacred other. There will be lots of play, laughter, & dance plus a healthy dose of stillness.

  • YoGongChi

    45 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    YoGongChi is my mindful movement practice that I have intuitively cultivated since 2014 and intentionally deepened as a result of Corona in March 2020. YoGongChi is a hybrid of three ancient energy practices, yoga, qigong & tai chi. Yoga means union. Qigong is the practice of cultivating energy that takes time and effort. Tai Chi is the practice of immortality. So all together YoGongChi literally means as “the union of immortal energy”. Makes sense why it was coined during the greatest challenge mortal humans have faced in world history… Corona. This practice became my saving grace for mental health, moving stagnant energy, finding my center, tapping into my limitless immortal self, connecting with my past-present-future ancestors, physical healing chronic pain from playing 10 years of American football & multiple severe car accidents. Since discovering YoGongChi I have found it as a liscense to improvise and sometimes we end up twerking, shaking, tapping, dancing, running, partner stretching, acro yoga, whole group movements, and always ready for sacred silliness and stillness. It’s a full spectrum practice.