Cait Downie & Laurel Goodman

Cait & Laurel are certified AcroLove teachers with years of teaching experience. Together they help their students get in touch with inner child while building trust, connection and community. Cait and Laurel create a safe space for beginners to explore the practice of AcroYoga. Cait was introduced to Acro at a music and arts festival in 2016 and was changed by the overwhelming sense of community, the mind/body challenge and endless sense of play! Cait and Laurel hope their workshop can be the same transformational event for others.

Scheduled Workshops

  • AcroYoga for ALL

    75 min | Movement Lab

    This is a beginner friendly/ family friendly offering. Participants will engage in connection games to build trust and step into a space of embodiment. The presenters will demonstrate partner poses with the help of spotters and provide verbal/visual and physical cues to help attendees achieve success. After demonstrations the presenters will create breakout groups for participants to try all positions. This will repeat with 3-5 different poses. Typically the last pose will be a peak pose and more dynamic or interactive to close out the class.