Bliss is a cosmic mystic, oracle, shaman, and Code Carrier of Turtle Island. She has served extensively on the planet as a water carrier, grid worker and bundle carrier for the indigenous supporting the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Union of The Eagle and Condor, and the awakening of Christ consciousness on the earth. Her passion is to inspire the awareness of our true nature, the mechanics of physical ascension, transfiguration, activation of our light bodies, and embodiment of our divinity.


Scheduled Workshops

  • The Inner Still Point For Contact

    60 min | Ceremonial Fire & Drum Circle

    Join me for an oracular transmission of love and light that guides us into absolute inner peace, quiet, stillness, unity and oneness. Wi will then, intentionally and collectively, from the Lucidity Aurora’s Light Festival, radiate this field of light out, in reverence, for the benevolence and well being of all life, calling forth all our star nations for contact.