Blake Spencer

Blake is a breathwork facilitator focused on trauma studies, emotional literacy, and authentic communication. She weaves together earth based teachings, astrology, and the human experience for a holistic body based approach. Blake is committed to creating safe spaces for the learning, sharing, and processing of all the feels. She teaches tools to help others live more in tune with their body and the earth and emphasizes that there is actually no separation between the two. 

Workshops & Presentations

  • Breathwork Ceremony

    120 min | Water Flow (Movement Lab)

    In this Ceremony we will work with the powerful healing modality of two-part breath. This ancient and accessible tool allows us to get underneath the illusions of the human experience and connect us to the healing energy available at all times. Breath has the ability to reset our nervous system, release us from stuck patterns, and literally rewire our neural pathways in the brain. Working with the medicine as breath provides a truly transformational and life changing experience.