Bela Watson

Bela Watson is a choreographer and creativity facilitator who shapes experiences through dance, yoga, and art that enliven participants to engage in conscious change by becoming active agents of connection between the earth, one’s self and with others. She has dedicated over 20 years to teaching children, college students, adults, and seniors unique pathways to personalized well-being through imaginative explorations that foster healthy relationship. Bela closed her professional dance company, Soul Play, in 2003, when a rare cancer threatened her life and sent her on a radical and artfully integrated path to self-recovery. Since then she has sold over 100 of her visionary paintings worldwide and shared her methods for healing with communities across North America. Her performance art explores the accessibility and balance between radical self-agency and cooperative collaboration within the framework of the sociopolitical phenomenon and its intersectionality with the natural, organic world.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Contact Improv: Grace in the Goingness

    90 min | Movement Lab

    Embark in a journey of playful movement practices that cultivate meaningful connections as we explore movement through contact. Discover your personal uniqueness that offers a deepening into shared experiences with others & allows for graceful arrival into the succulent unknown together. Join Bela as she guides sequences that build on one another to support a sweet & steady, fluid-flow final jam that engages the senses and celebrates our collaborative dance of liberation.

  • Embodied Movement and Touch Playshop

    105 min | Movement Lab

    Join Bela and James on a journey to awaken your curious and sensual spine through yoga shapes, fluid-flow dance and conscious touch. Explore developmental movement patterns to uncover stories that have been living in your body and integrate a new felt, dynamic narrative that invokes psychosomatic liberation allowing for comfort and pleasure as a state of being. Discover a deep, felt sense of life as relational through consensual and authentic engagement, using the inroads of contact improv and Thai massage to become an active agent in cultivating presence. This somatic-based movement and connection ceremony is an opportunity to let the veils of separation fall away, to shift from the place of you and me into we, and to access the all pervading consciousness we can sense on a cellular level both within and without.