Who is Azul Dragon? Great question, she’s a work in progress on a journey of deeper self discovery & transmuting past trauma.  Pausing life’s busy doingness program long enough to sit still & listen to her heart & the wisdom of source.  On this journey inward she has gained a wealth of tools to support humanity in creating more love, joy and inner peace.  Azul is a product of her own inner wound & the light that shines through that wound is pure medicine. Medicine that has transformed her into a brave, vulnerable, love ambassador.  She and her team are ready to share the contagious enthusiasm of daily 512 seconds of Oxytocin rich connection.  We believe it’s time to step off the conveyor belt of the matrix groundhog day & into your unique authentic life. Quantium Love Hugs is here to support you in believing & seeing your dreams into reality.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Jailbreaking our minds

    90 min | PureEnergy.Love (Altar of Water)

    We will dive into a guided meditation, followed by breathwork. Once we are grounded & feeling safe in our bodies we will break down the prison walls of our minds and tap it out with EFT. Tapping out the negative energy that has trapped our creative & joy in sadness & pain. Our bodies no longer have to be a prison of our past pains & drams. We will create an opportunity to birth the pain into our purpose.
    Through a variety of emotional intelligence experiences we will lift the veil of fear, shame, guilt & disappointment
    7 we will as one consciousness support each other in feeling safe to been seen, witnessed & accepted for the epic being that we all are. Before we part ways will provide an opportunity to share our experience & ask for support in seeing our dreams into reality. We will encourage all the participants to network and connect we each other after the festival, & to encourage & inspire each other... Lets get real its a long 361 days between our Lucidity fixes. lol

  • If you really knew me.........

    105 min | Altar of Air

    Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. In 2017 a shocking 47,173 Americans died by suicide, and there were an estimated
    1,300,000 suicide attempts. Depression and feeling alone are bigger issue in our world today then ever before... We will deep dive into a safe container to be be witnessed and heard. The feeling of being alone is real and depression and pressures of the daily matrix is enough to give the most positive
    "Sunshine type" a run for their joy. This year I have lost several dear friends to the sadness of feeling isolated and alone.
    Personally I have battled with the despair of how and why, and not knowing how to continue another day in the sadness. As my mind rewinds over and over "What would be the point to continue?" What was the reason to go on living with the heaviness of sadness and feeling alone in this pain. Feeling like no one would understand.

    We will create a space for all to share their truth and story from an empowered place for support and love. We will share tools on releasing the sadness and grief through emotional intelligence practices. Everyone will have the opportunity to connect with a buddy. A friendly voice that will be there along the journey back to Lucidity.

    There are 7 Billion people on the planet! It's a bit crazy how we could ever really feel alone. And with all the distraction in our daily lives, it isn't hard to believe that human connection is not as common as we might think. Providing a space to feel safe, seen, heard, witnessed, and supported.
    We will end with a closing circle and shares and lots of 64 second hugs.

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