Azul Dragon

Azul is a Loving interruption to the norm.  A whisper of truth.  She is has seen what hell can be on earth and she has taken the leap of faith to never return to that state of mind.  A leap into 100% living the love and truth that Azul is here to bee!
Azul create safe containers where truth is the way to the light, and vulnerability sets you free.   She offers and shares a variety of self-love tool, rituals and daily life ceremony tools that supports humanity in finding their joy again.  A safe space to witness and be witnessed in movement and expression.  Remembering that we are truly are the love we desire, and the love we seek.   What is possible when we lovingly let go of the victim’s story and remember our birthright from the Divine?  Safe spaces for all to practice a different way of being in our story.  Spaces to shift the flashlight from the right or left of any current reality.  The darkness has to lift as the truth of light will set our souls free.
How do we do this, in a world of over-stimulation and chaos?  Azul leads individuals and groups through emotional intelligence exercises, that will melt off the layers of bs that is not serving our dreams and open our hearts to the limitless possibilities that we all are love.
Azul is also producing conscious connections events like Ecstatic Dance experience in Laguna beach.
Azul is still walking this earth because of the power of Ecstatic dance and other transformational work she had immersed herself into.   Her reason why is her transformed story from victim to leader.  She knows she is here to be LOVE, to be PEACE, and to be a loving example of remembering we are all worthy to be in this life and physical body.  Her transformed journey is the medicine of a hero’s journey and now its time to share the Oxytocin medicine with all.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Birth a Dream start a Movement

    120 min | Altar of Earth

    Have you seen the Youtube video of the crazy guy dancing at a festival on the side of a hill by himself? lol

    He’s dancing his heart out while he waits for anyone to join him. Well, I’m that crazy person dancing in life on the side of a hill and I’m calling in a bunch of just as lovely crazy beings that have a passion to bring more joy, love, and magic into the world through the easiest, cheapest, tool ever….. Being present and supporting each other in love.

    Our minds don’t really know what is true or not. Our minds are like a computer and can’t be trusted. But what if we changed the script, and mixed things up, shake the rafters…. sort a speak! Is the Autopilot really working anymore?

    What could be created if we allowed our minds the space to be truly free? To dream in 3D feeling sensation. To imagine how the life we desire truly would look and feel. We open the space to play in the land of our imagination and allow the inner child the stage to speak the truth of our purpose.

    Participants are asked to bring their dreams, vision boards, 60 sec. elevator speech, and passion projects to the workshop. Depending on the size of the group we will support each person in expanding their vision by at least one step. We will mastermind their vision and support them in seeing their dreams as a true reality.

    We will use art, movement, spoken word, and play to open the door of all possibilities.