Deeply rooted in love, passion for social/environmental justice, and influenced by native culture, this magnetic duo offers music as medicine for the people! Through masterful lyricism, soulful composition, and musically interwoven activism, Awūn brings forth a refreshing, conscious, invoking flavor of music, to the tune of what feels like 90’s vibe we loved so much but is very progressive 2019!

Sharing messages of hope, empowerment, sustainability, regeneration, love, vision, justice for all, and transcendence into our highest self, group members Omni and Sister Stone call into action an ascent of a culture at large. Through transformative educational/interpersonal work, music, and poetry, the two share a vision of a more beautiful future through way of radical alchemy of the human experience as we know it.
In such a transformative time in the world, as a shift of reconnection to each other and the earth is happening, Awūn acknowledges the power in the people and the urgency for us all to do our parts to contribute to that energetic movement.

“We are the true creators of our own reality and in standing together in love, community, activism,hope, strength and action, we reclaim our power.”

Workshops & Presentations

  • Bridging the Gap to Indigenous Culture

    60 min | Altar of Air

    This work shop shares a Brief History of the Native Peoples of the Americas, Pre-historic Indo-Eurasia, and Native Africa. The objective of this workshop is to inspire people to seek out the indigenous/native cultural traditions practiced by their people in pre-colonial times, to achieve deeper connection with the earth and all living beings. Dismantling constructs of division imposed by colonialism, focused in interconnectedness defending the Sacred.


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