Astro Woke

Welcome to Astro Woke! Venesse Guy is the DeafBlind astrologer and business owner of Astro Woke she offers clients an opportunity to awaken spiritually, gain insights through astrological classes, and 1:1 consultations, and be enlightened astrologically with their life. She has been studying astrology for 15 years and started the astrology business in 2020 by providing sign language classes, workshops & consultations. Her mission is to increase public accessibility to the astrology realm and information through sign language for the Deaf+ community. Based on her experiences, there was no availability of astrological information in sign language. As her frustration peaked, especially as a DeafBlind astrologer, it was a driving force for her to start this astrology business and set an accessible platform in April 2020 to share astrological insights with the community through workshops, services, and classes. Astro Woke’s value is to bring deeper connections & wisdom between relationships through astrology to connect with their wholeness by aligning with their own blueprints based on their birth information and embracing powerful transformations through their soul growth.

Scheduled Workshops

  • A Guide to Self-Care In Your Zodiac Sign: The Depth of Moon & Ceres

    60 min | The Summit

    This workshop focuses on our nurturing needs and how we nurture others. This is the perfect alignment of the Full Moon in Libra (on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023) that focuses on developing a strong foundation of relationships with others through nourishment and support with love. Plus, we will learn about our childhood based on how we were raised as children and the individuals we choose to connect with in our life through the energy of the Moon and Ceres. It is important to acknowledge your dark side with others (especially the energy of Pluto, too!) while embracing the desire to give birth (new beginnings) and nourish our new beginnings and sustain the new life. We will learn how nourishment fuels what destroys in our lives