Ariel Lowell

Ariel, the Drishti Beats musical yoga goddess, is also a successful business woman with her own spa who finds blissful living and painting by the beach in Los Angeles. With a degree in musical performing arts, Ariel composes and performs for the world using a sexy, laid back, yet raspy spice-infused voice. She writes and sings all vocals on the Drishti Beats’s tracks.

Ariel is an accomplished Yoga instructor, having completed 200 hours of Raja Yoga Training in Costa Rica. She tours internationally with Drishti Beats.  A class with Ariel is full of texture and grace and is like the journey of painting on a blank canvas from beginning to end.  She is here to help guide you through beautiful flows.

Scheduled Workshops

  • R.E.L.

    60 min | Movement Lab

    Glide into the realm of R.E.L. – Relax, Engage Lengthen! Flow with REL on a sensual, cosmic voyage through music and movement. Let her guide you in unraveling the tension from every fiber, with beautiful stretches that prepare you to dance the night away at Lucidity. Tune into the rhythmic melodies as they caress your spirit, paving the way for profound rejuvenation. Wanderers will grace your side, gently aiding your stretches and bestowing tranquil savasana massages.