Angelkisses is branching out and sharing her love for art and non attachment for the first time at Regeneration Earth. She is offering a mandala rock painting workshop. She will share everything she has learned about the power of mandalas as prayer and lessons in non attachment and the impermanent nature of this dimension as well as the relaxation and clarity gained in making and giving these little works of art from the heart. Each piece will be as individual as the being creating it and can be kept as a memento or given (as is my yearly practice at Lucidity) as a surprise love offering to a complete stranger or beloved friend. All materials will be provided.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Understanding and Creating Mandala Rock Art

    90 min | Dome of the Space Wanderer

    After a brief guided meditation and Introduction to Mandals, participants will create their own mandala with rocks and paint. Rocks, paint, and tools are provided, however, if you have a special rock you'd like to make into a special Mandala, bring it with you! This workshop is geared for folks aged 4 and up.

  • Mandala drawing and painting workshop

    90 min | Dome of the Space Wanderer

    In this workshop we will open with a short guided meditation. The meaning, use and creation of mandalas will be explained and the group will be shown how to create a mandala using only paper, pencils, rulers and their heart.