Anders Gustavsson

Anders Gustavsson was a tech entrepreneur from the early age of 18-30 years old. Over the years he was in and out of various startups which led him to mixed levels of “success”. The all too normal “startup life” led him to a screeching big halt in 2012 after being face to face with the reality of massive debt, lack of joy and purpose, and an unsustainable future. In a bold move he quit tech life, said good bye to long days in front of the computer and went into nature to ask for support to invent a new “back to the land” community rich reality truly designed to be regenerative for our future. Today, Anders is the co-founder and visionary of the Heartland Collective, a 25 acre lake front retreat and business incubator. He is also a co-founder of CoLab Campout, which is setting itself up to become the premier microfestival model to help collaboratively build new intentional communities.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Visionary Panel: Collaboration for a Regenerative Future

    120 min | Altar of Spirit

    With this panel we explore the bases of collaborative collective action, and what it can offer in this time of global transformation. What do we mean by regenerative, and why is it important to think of regeneration as a collaborative effort? What are some of the best practices of collaborative projects? What are roadblocks to collaboration and potential strategies for moving beyond them to achieve a cooperative culture? How might collaborating for a regenerative future look different in the city versus in the country, and are there ways to better connect urban and rural communities? What kind of future do we envision is possible for the local and global community, and what is it going to take to get there together?

  • Collaboration or Extinction

    90 min | Altar of Earth

    Some people love to collaborate, and some people hate it. The truth is, we must all become great collaborators to ensure our race has a shot at survival. Successful collaboration is an art. This workshop offers 7 keys to create powerful collaborations that can thrive long term. During the first half we will journey and learn about collaboration from ancient culture, modern business culture, and miss Earth, the mother of all collaboration. During the second half of this workshop we will have various interactive exercises that support the 7 keys of Collaboration.

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