Amy Millar

Amy is a passionate advocate of Health and Well-being that specializes in Movement, Functional Training, Plant Nutrition and Energy Alchemy.

Amy obtained her 500+HR Yoga Alliance Training deep in the jungles of Uvita, Costa Rica.  Her teaching style is primal, free flowing, and adventurous, which has sparked from a background of dance and fitness.  She has earned several fitness accreditations and certifications including Exercise Theory, Group Fitness Training, Resistance Training & Portable Equipment, Animal Flow Level 1, and Zumba Levels 1 & 2.

Amy has worked with a variety of clients ranging from busy stay at home moms, high profile business executives to working with children.  She has trained and taught for major universities, colleges, city recreational facilities and gyms.  Additionally she has shared her love of dance and movement with children, hosting summer camps and teaching Zumba at a daycare facility.

Amy believes in encouraging participants to have the freedom to take up space with their own creativity while incorporating cueing and pose breakdowns for alignment and safety. Her desire is create a safe, loving atmosphere overflowing with joy and fun!

Scheduled Workshops

  • Primal Fusion

    60 min | Movement Lab

    PRIMAL FUSION is an adventurous blend of Yoga, Primal Flow and Animalistic movement medicine that will activate your entire vessel, bringing harmony and balance within. Awaken your raw, authentic Self through creative expression, divine play and ecstatic flowing movement. Optimize your potential, energize your spirit and strengthen your physical temple by joining me on the mat in the highest vibrational frequency of JOY. Let’s GET WILD and ELEVATE!!

  • Primal Kidz

    60 min | Imaginarium

    Rarrrrrw!! Calling all little movers and shakers!!
    Come along on a WILD adventure of primal inspired, easy to follow, dance and yoga based movements!

    Feel the music and let the rhythm guide you through a journey of deep breaths, imagination and animalistic movement to discover our inner spirit animals! Harnessing our inner animal strength, we will build strong muscles! Let’s move, dance and stretch together to activate our super, star seed powers!

    Primal Kidz is a high vibrational, energetic experience packed with kid friendly movements to awaken the senses. We connect with the Earth and elements while exploring ecstatic movement.

    Incorporating movement and creative play assists in childhood development through exploration, creativity, expression, memory, coordination, balance and awareness.