Alexis Lauren Ware

Alexis Ware, L.Ac. is an energy expert/life strategist who utilizes the theta brain wave to repattern subconscious programs to support power, creativity and connection rather than victimization and self-sabotage. A licensed acupuncturist, ThetaHealing® expert/instructor of 10+ years and sex, desire & intimacy coach, Alexis leads workshops internationally on the subconscious aspects of sovereignty that touch the layers directly responsible for 95% of our behavior and create real, instantaneous and lasting shift.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Befriending Our Shadow Monster

    105 min | Altar of Fire

    Shadow integration opens the door to being fully oneself which is the best gift we can give to ourselves and others. Yet many of us get stuck at various points along the way. Do you judge, attempt to control, hide, avoid and/or suppress some aspects of your sexual and other desires? Do you walk proudly in the world with certain aspects of self (even taboo ones) yet still hold other aspects with shame? Do you have tucked deeply away in a locked basement one or more parts that you deem unworthy of love? While in denial (even at the subconscious level) of any part of ourselves we cut ourself off from the truth of who we are and the fullness of our power. In this workshop, through partner work and a live group ThetaHealing we discover and integrate those exiled parts and in so doing, fully reclaim our power.

  • Navigating Festivals and Life as a Highly Sensitive Being

    75 min | Altar of Fire

    Increased sensitivity is a superpower, yet navigating everyday life as an empath can be challenging and at times excruciating. Many sensitive people love attending festivals for the consciousness, connection, exchange of ideas and energy, play, joy, love, learning and growth yet at the same time feel inundated with sounds, smells, and certain energies that feel like "lower vibrations" or "too much." We feel a desire to engage yet often feel overwhelmed when we do. This workshop includes practical shamanic tools to ground and cleanse your energetic field as well as a group ThetaHealing to provide new neural pathways in the brain with which you can experience and respond to external and internal stimuli without needing to shut down your psychic powers, empathy or sensitivity. All are welcome.