Adrian Lobo

Adrian Lobo is a movement mystic who specializes in the street dance styles of Pop’n lock Body Illusion. He is the founder of the Dance Djedi Academy which teaches street dance through the lens of eastern philosophy and mysticism. Adrian Lobo began dancing in the underground street dance world of Los Angeles where he trained with the greatest of urban dance pioneers. He is an international competitor and has won first place in dozens of competitions across the United States and Europe. Lobo has performed extensively in various festivals including Lucidity, Burning Man, Lightning in the Bottle, Sonic Bloom, Envision, Symbiosis, and many more. Outside of dance he is a healing facilitator and instructor of energy arts such as Qigong and Neigong internal cultivation. He is affiliated with The Sacred G’s and Funnybones Dance crew. Lobo is on a mission to inspire and uplift humanity through the movement arts, helping others awaken their innate divine potential by mastering the greatest technology of all: our human body.


Scheduled Workshops

  • The Mystic Art of Pop'n Lock Dance & Body Illusion

    60 min | Movement Lab

    Dive into the enchanting world of Pop’n lock Street Dance and learn to create magic on the dance floor with movements such as the liquid-like waving, geometric tutting, mechanical robot, and many more. In this workshop you will learn the secrets behind these dance styles and how you can adopt them into your own dance expression. You will gain tools to improve your body control, refine your isolations, and create captivating movements that bend reality itself.
    Led by a seasoned practitioner, Adrian Lobo grew up in the Los Angeles mecca of street dance where many of these styles originated and developed. He is a dance battle champion and has performed in countless festivals alongside artists such as Clozee, David Starfire, Soohan, Deya Dova, and many more. Prepare to deepen your movement practice and awaken your greatest dance expression!