Abbey Road

Abbey Road is a traveler, teacher, builder, and artist. She specializes in off-grid building, regenerative design, and community building through ceremony and celebration. She teaches empowerment through yoga and dance and works to activate her community into action and divine service.

Iam here. Descendant of the stars, daughter of the desert, relative of the trees, protector of the waters; to remember, to initiate action, to help, and to heal. To honor seven generations past, to nourish seven generations forward, an ally of this Earth. Dancing in service to love. Dancing in service to joy. Dancing in service to all life everywhere. Iam here.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Off-grid Living

    60 min | Lucid University Learning Piazza

    Interested in living off-grid, building off-grid and how it works? Come and ask the questions and join the conversation about what sovereignty looks like and how we can all take steps together. Pulling from experience building for Earthship Biotecture, Earthbag domes and natural plasters as well as, currently living off-grid and working towards community resiliency we will have an open discussion on the principles and methods to take the next steps towards freedom.

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