A. Keala Young

A. Keala Young is a whole systems designer ​and permaculture teacher ​with a background in the healing arts. His study of permaculture and ecovillage design includes multiple teacher trainings, co-producing & Permaculture Design Courses while co-founding  Atlan Center in the Columbia River Gorge in Central Cascadia.

His current passions include developing implementation-based advanced permaculture learning opportunities and his work on ReInhabiting the Village as editor and contributing author as an opportunity to further his life’s mission to support the integration of living systems coherence for individuals and communities in the Global Village.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Integral Permaculture:Framing and ReFraming with the Design Mind for embodiment of Regenerative Culture.

    75 min | Altar of Earth

    Practice the embodiment of whole systems awareness for personal and collective transformation. Grounding in the ethical compass of Integral Permaculture, we will explore the dance of Intent to Impact with tools for activation and integration across all quadrants and all levels. What does that mean? Come find out! - we will have no mind left behind since this earth journey is “not a competition it’s a competency mission” - Topics will include practical perspectives of the whole systems approach that are not often understood to be included as permaculture, decolonizing permaculture, liberating structures and more! Learn techniques of the thriving mindset for boldly facing the challenges of our everyday and our age. Join us in birthing the Planetary Era!

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