Zarina Olox

Zarina is an ambassador of shamanic culture. She is from a tribe in the Arctic circle, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on the top of the world, the coldest place on earth. Her people are Sakha people in Yakutia. Zarina is the founder of a project called OLOX which in her Native language means “Life”. OLOX project is a marriage between traditional shamanic healing and modern music.

Medicine or Calling

Zarina's desire is to bring healing to this planet during this time of global crisis. Her people have been living in shamanic wisdom for centuries and relying on our deep cultural roots to survive in -94 F winter, facing and struggling extremal life issues. She feels called to share her cultural wisdom and so Zarina created the Olox project - the bridge between ancestral wisdom and new generations, traditional knowledge married to new technology.