Nana Shuni Giron Nan Shumantla Fenix

“Shuni Giron” is an international recognized Mayan Ajq’iij – A Day Keeper and Spiritual Guide. She is Shamanic plant healer and teacher. Graduated in Naturopathic Medicine, Iridologist and Holistic alternative therapies. She is also the spiritual guardian of the Oral Traditions of the Popol Vuh Sacred Book of the Maya that resides in modern times at the New Library in Chicago. She has performed countless Mayan Ceremonies around the globe. Nan Shuni is passionate about teaching the ancient ways of the Maya wisdom and the science of Maya time keeping. She has taught Mayan cosmology, Mayan Calendars and Mayan Time Science, at Easter University in Chicago, at The Native American Ojibwa community College in WI. as well as many festivals around the world. She has appeared in television shows and series for the History Channel, WGBH Public TV in NY and On the Story Of God as co-star with Sir Morgan Freeman for the National Geographic Society. Nan Shuni Giron founded Kame, a non-profit organization dedicated to the transformation of the human the spirit, through use of alternative therapies, active consciousness, environmental awareness, and artistic performance. Nan Shuni continues to teach, and perform Mayan Sacred ceremonies around the world.

Medicine or Calling

Use of both traditional Mayan and modern technologies and modalities to facilitate personal and global healing.