Ida Resi Alit

“Ida Panditha Mpu Budha Maharsi Alit Parama Daksa” Known as: “Ida Resi Alit.”

In March 2007, Ida was crowned “High Priestess” by the Order of Hindu Dharma becoming the youngest and only woman to obtain this holy title. Her story is one of legend. Six months before her ordination, Ida had an immensely powerful experience during a meditation where she earned her distinction as a “Revenant” or “Rebirth.” From that time, she displayed exceptional skill in pewedaan (speaking the mantras in Sanskrit and four other ancient languages), mudras (the sacred hand movements), and further complex religious rites, including tantric dancing and chanting. She was suddenly so accomplished in these ancient spiritual arts that the High Priests were called to see for themselves her many gifts. In a historic and monumental decision, the board of The Hindu Dharma Association ordained her “High Priestess” after rigorous testing of her knowledge and innate gifts. Ida Resi Alit presides over many of the profound religious ceremonies throughout the beloved island of Bali and is revered for her sacred wisdom, knowledge of the “Astro” and “Quantum” dimensions and blessings. Now after 10 years of profound servitude and devotion as High Priestess of Bali, Ida Resi Alit is visiting the US on her international journey. Her belief and service is to spread divine light to the world in the spirit of global oneness. She is dedicated to sharing her divine gifts and offering “Melukat” sacred water cleansing and blessings to every man, woman, and child.

Medicine or Calling

Ida Resi Alit is High Priestess of the Order of Hindu Dharma in Bali. She is Balinese and describes Hindu Dharam as both Hindu and Buddhist.