Brenda Cuevas

For the past 4 years Brenda has collaborated with Lucidity’s Council For Peace alongside wisdom keepers from many nations. She facilitates an intentional gathering for the opening and closing ceremony of Lucidity, bringing together elders from afar so that they may share their wisdom with those present. Together they merge their prayers for a transformative experience and a celebration of life.

Her love and respect for nature has inspired her to embark on a sacred journey, making it her life purpose to honor all life, to pray for the waters, the earth, the air, fire and spirit, reclaiming the traditions of her ancestors. She shares these sacred traditions when needed to help bring balance between the mind and heart.

Brenda has learned to embrace her femininity while dancing, singing, praying and healing under the full moon with woman from around the world that gather in her family’s ancestral land of Mexico. She embodies the wisdom she has learned through out the years in the process, empowering woman to gather under the full moon and weave their individual intentions for a better world.

Medicine or Calling

With guidance from her ancestors Brenda humbly carries their medicine and wisdom, creating sacred spaces to pray and heal with others. She gently guides ceremonies with medicine songs from her lineage around a sacred fire. Allowing each individual to explore their thoughts and emotions while bringing awareness to the body. Brenda has facilitated water blessings, fire ceremonies, full moon rituals and contributes to the teachings of the medicine wheel, moon lodges and sweat lodges.