Barbara Bain

Barbara Bain is an Indigenous dream worker who has devoted her life to reconnecting humans with dream and vision. She writes, teaches, and presents on dreaming, Indigenous Psychology, and Depth Psychology. She works with individual and community dreaming to inspire personal and collective well-being, emancipation and liberation from oppression, and to quicken a return of the natural human relationship with the earth’s soul, the universal dream matrix, and the sacred.

Barbara is an enrolled member of the Shasta Indian Nation of Northern California and a Certified Dream Tender with Master dream worker Stephen Aizenstat. She is an ambassador to the Global Dream Initiative. She holds an M.A. in Depth Psychology, an M.S. in Cultural and Natural Resource Management, and is currently completing her PhD in Depth Psychology.

Medicine or Calling

My medicine Dream. My calling is to reconnect humanity with dreaming and the sacred.