Andrew Ecker

Andrew Ecker born from the Apache “NDE” born to the Irish, brought to this earth plane as bridge operating in multiple cultural dynamics, his is a story of bridging community as a cultural architect & facilitator of sacred space, Andrew DCF, HRF, author of The Sacred 7,  national speaker and creator of two successful wellness-based businesses Drumming Sounds & Wellness Sourcing, He is a spiritual practitioner, teacher, community developer, loving partner & father.

In 25 years, Andrew has facilitated over 4000 meaningful wellness-based programs for a very diverse group of people. As a sound healer & facilitator Andrew who works alongside his beloved partner, Monica DCF HRF Reiki Master, artist & sound healer, has focus on working in hospitals, institutional communities such as memory care, psychiatric lockdowns, drug rehabilitation, cancer care, post-acute rehab, skilled nursing, a few of the populations they serve. Recognized by community through this work Andrew has been a speaker/presenter at some of the most influential groups in healthcare in Arizona. We are fortunate to serve: Havasupai Nation, Navajo Nation, Hopi Nation, Yaqui Nation, Gila River Indian Community, Tohono O’odham Nation Native American Connections, Native Americans For Community Action, U.S. Veterans Administration, City of Phoenix, Maricopa County Health Services, Neotribal the Gathering, Enchanted Forest, Love Long Beach, Lucidity, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Symbiosis Festival, McDowell Mountain Music Festival, The Power of Prayer at Burning Man, Oregon Eclipse Festival, Blue Stargate, Gem & Jam, Earth Mother Mind Jam, Enchanted Forest, Fyah on the Water, Tribal Stomp & more.

Medicine or Calling

Andrew Ecker is called to this space in time as a cultural bridge between the nations. Transmuting the perception of suffering into one of love and gratitude. He is a channel of sacred space and as a master drum circle facilitator uses the gift of sound to transport the collective or the individual into the optimal space of human design. Through the medicine of music, prayer, vision, creativity and encouragement Andrew continues to enchant and elevate all those he encounters.