Elemental Realm of Earth

Earth’s Characteristics and The Oracle of Home

The Realm of Earth is a place to visit when you need grounding, connection, and inspiration for growth. Within this Realm you will find I AM Family Garden as the pillar collaborator, creating the safe and joyful container for children, elders, and families to congregate and learn together. You will also find environments that evoke alignment with permaculture principles, temples and altars that honor the beauty, richness and abundance of this Home we share, art pieces that pay respect to the plants and animals, regenerative solutions for the challenges we face as a people and a planet, community guardianship, and the value of grounded presence.

The Elemental Avatar of Earth

Leaf & The Earth Wyrm

This Realm is the home of Leaf, a master builder and family man, son of the Earth itself. Leaf is a firm guardian for health and wellness, for supporting sustainable, organic, local food systems, for healthy expressions of play, and for teaching ways of regenerative living. Leaf is often found with his hands in the dirt enjoying the company of a great winged Earth Wyrm, a relative of the Courageous Dragons who within the dream, stood in protection of the Family Garden. If you come across Leaf and his Earth Wyrm in your journeys offer them a hand of help, he appreciates rich participation and will not stand for mindless extraction.

The Elemental Realm of Earth is one of 5 Realms that are clustered throughout the meadows and majestic Oaks of the Lucidity landscape. Each has it’s own personality, mood and resonance. If you are drawn to earth energies, then you may often be found in the Earth Realm.

Find out about the other realms and how you can participate in the Lucidity Narrative.

These Environments can be found in this Realm:

  • Altar of Earth

    Located at the entrance to the Earth Realm, the Altar of Earth provides a multi-generational platform for lectures and hands-on workshops involving: community building, resource stewardship, regenerative practices, Do It Yourself and primal skills instruction.

  • Dome of the Space Wanderer

    The Dome of the Space Wanderer is a unique structure built of up-cycled materials, filled with creative intention and fun.

  • Camp ASL Love

    Camp ASL Love is a group of sign language and visual arts enthusiasts. Our mission is to spread awareness and love of ASL and Deaf culture to all of the world and Lucidity Festival dreamers.

  • Whimsical WiSH Wagon

    The Wagon will show you how your wishes ARE coming true and there are few activities you can do to help boost your WiSH so it will come true! There’s a MaGiC Mirror, a WiSHing Portal and Faery Habitat too!

  • Abuela Gardens Watershed Regeneration

    Abuela Gardens is a non-profit community organization in Mendocino county focused on Aligning the heart, hands, and health by offering workshops on natural building, watershed regeneration, and beyond organic farming balanced out with healing arts.

  • Mongol Tribe Seed Library and Education Hub

    The Mongol Tribe Seed Library and Education Hub is an interactive experience where participants will gain critical knowledge about the value of heirloom seeds.