Elemental Realm of Earth

Hurdling through the vast expanse of space, this pale blue dot we call Earth is our fertile garden home. Earth is the source from which our physical bodies are born and it is the place where we all will return. Earth is the element of stone and flower alike, of crystal and of compost, of tree and of bee. The Oracle of Home will ask you to reflect on the status of the Home in the center of your being. Have you been fleeing from something difficult to face, or are you reliably showing up in stewardship of your own body and this body beneath our feet that we share?

The Realm of Earth is a place to visit when you need grounding, connection, and inspiration for growth. Within this Realm you will find what you may remember as The Family Garden, a safe and joyful place for children, elders, and families to congregate and learn together. You will also find environments that evoke alignment with permaculture principles; temples and altars that honor the beauty, richness and abundance of this Home we share; art pieces that pay respect to the plants and animals; regenerative solutions for the challenges we face as a people and a planet; community guardianship; and the value of grounded presence.