Wiz Amulets

Wiz Amulets Symbiotic Living Jewelry by Nina Bazan-Sakamoto

Wiz: Wizdom / Wizard
Amulets: Jewelry for guidance and protection

Wiz Amulets is symbiotic living jewelry that reconnects us to nature and ancient wisdom. Designs are lovingly hand-crafted with naturally occurring materials such as living plants, foraged pine cones, branches, shells, healing crystals, ceramics, metals, and wood, through diverse jewelry-making techniques. The amulets also exhibit a new language (Ankanji) that is a union of the wisdom in Kanji characters, Kemetic hieroglyphs, ancient symbols, and sacred geometry of nature.

Wiz Amulets is well known for living Air Plant Jewelry that breathe and grow with you. When you wear, they get air, and that’s how to take care! They love being outside with you, and also are known for purifying the air around you. The jewelry designs are highly developed “temples”the air plants hangout in, and are made of materials friendly to air plants, tarnish resistant, and securing yet detachable from the plant.

By wearing living plants and organic materials, you are embodying that your style can be symbiotic with Earth. Be prepared for jewelry that intrigues, inspires, and sparks profound conversations. Your authentic self-expression will empower people to heal the planet.

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