Sometimes art speaks to one’s eye. Sometimes it speaks to one’s soul. The radiant creations of groundbreaking artist Pumayana do both, opening the mind’s eye to the universal messages manifested within each piece. Pumayana first stepped into the visionary art scene in 2005 in Paris, France where he held his first exhibition with an overwhelming response, this prompted him to travel to Goa, India to peruse his true calling and spiritual path. Apart from his natural creative talent and understanding of Mandalas, Sacred Geometry, mathematics and fractals, which he incorporates into each piece. Pumayana’s own spiritual path has been his greatest influence; a natural part of his daily life which he integrates into his art by living in joy and awareness. Pumayana’s vision is to aid in facilitating the New Paradigm Shift of the planet by uplifting our vibrations to stay aligned with our true selves. Aware of the threats facing our planet, Pumayana is committed using sustainable, recycled eco friendly materials as well as continuous improvement of his processes to ensure our products have the smallest ecological footprint.

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