Holistic Hooping

Holistic Hooping has shared the Art of Flow and HoopDance at hundreds of events, around the world!
Since the inception of the modern hoopdance movement, we have created amazing products- focused on Quality, over Quantity.

Over the years, our quality, hand-crafted Holistic Hoops, filled with the Healing Infusions of crushed crystals/ stones, essentials oils/ herbs and hand-written affirmations – lovingly made in CA, have brought joy and happiness to thousands of people.

Our cutting edge LED hoops (quality, durable, bright, Lithium battery, rechargeable) were one of the very first on the Market, trail blazing the entire industry.

We have provided these hoops for Play and for Purchase in our signature “Flow Zone” at festivals and special events, for over 15 years!

Our Holistic Hooping playshops, classes, lessons, retreats and performances have been a special JOYerny to share as well.

At the core of our Holistic Hoopology or FLOWology, is the holistic perspective that mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected as one system.
Inside the hoop; you can clear your mind, move your body and uplift your spirit, all at once, enhancing your overall well-being.

All healing is possible within the infinite possibilities of the hoop.
YOU are the center of the Singularity and everything spirals out from there.

Holistic Hooping for personal and global transformation!

Festival Locations:

Festival Locations: