Collective Journey Art

Collective Journey is a mindful and conscious social project to bring the beauty of handcrafted jewelries and accessories in creating a social economy for underprivileged native families and independent artists with challenges to accessing a market. We accomplish this with utmost integrity, bringing the communities the fair price they deserve.

Through fair and direct trade, we are able to provide direct income to families located in the mountain villages of the Lago de Atitlan region in Guatemala and the Choco and Valley of Sibundoy regions of Colombia.

The creators of the pieces come from diverse indigenous tribes, namely Mayan ascendant of Tzujutils, Kamsa People spreaded between Panama and Colombia as Embera Chamis, Putumayo Culture of Valle de Sibundoy of South-east of Colombia, Otovalos of Ecuador from Andean mountains of Imbabura, and last but not least Incan people as Shipibo-Conibo in Sacred Valley of Peru. Each has its own unique history, culture, and art style that must be preserved and showed to the world.

Festival Locations: