Chroma Drum

At Chroma Drum it is our vision to reach the hearts of the sacred and bring communities together through tribal fervor. Each piece created at Chroma Drum is artfully and strategically hand-crafted using a wide array of repurposed materials. A great deal of pride is taken in the research and development of these tools as we are constantly striving to create one of a kind instruments and refining our craft for longevity and purity. The Chroma Drum sets itself apart by utilizing a proprietary dampening system developed by owner and creator, Michael Langdon. This dampening in-lay produces more gentle, yet highly pronounced harmonics while eliminating unwanted subtleties. Since we focus our efforts towards sound therapy and meditation, the standards we use for our sound quality are set exceptionally high. We have visions to explore and develop many unique instruments at Chroma Drum that cater to the art of sound healing. The Chroma Drum team is growing rapidly, making waves along the West Coast and expanding our establishment in San Diego and Portland.

At festivals, we have a powerfully immersive/interactive booth where we actually teach people about sound healing, reiki, and giving them free 1 on 1 sound healing experiences called Chakra Alignment. We show people how to play, and give them the tools they need to dive deeper in self exploration.


Festival Locations: