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Lucidity Festival

Plant Medicine Way

The Plant Medicine Way is a new hamlet of Lucidity that revolves around herbs, elixirs, oils, superfoods, and green heady vibes. It is simultaneously a way of being that honors the divine intelligence of nature and looks to it for healing, inspiration, energy, support, and sustenance. Within this village you’ll find witches and alchemists, wizards and farmers, growers and scientists. This is a place to learn about the medicinal properties of plants, to explore in experiential ways with your direct participation, and to meet other like-minded allies. We celebrate core collaborators and long-time Lucidity partners Essential Oil Wizardry, The Nohm, and The Farmers Market and we welcome a whole array of new friends. Come meet in the Plant Medicine Way.

This environment can be found in:

Elemental Realm of Water


Food Vendors

Merchant Vendors