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Underground Souls, Divine Species & Space Milk


Uniting Santa Barbara’s Underground House and Techno community, we’re returning with 3 days of Music, Love and Dancing to Lucidity: Regeneration Earth 2020! Everything you love about Underground Souls, Divine Species and Space Milk will again be featured in a single environment; we’re beyond excited for round two of this collaborative venture!

Our goal is to provide an inclusive experience for everyone to enjoy, featuring local artists while also curating more well known acts from across the state. Each crew will be hosting a themed daytime event, exploring various genres including Disco, Drum and Bass, Breaks, Progressive and different shades of Soulful and Deep House. We’re excited to share that last year’s after-hours was such a success that we’ve been invited to do it again! So starting at midnight, we’ll be holding down the late night House and Techno vibes for you night owls.

We’ve built our culture hosting underground events, dancing well through the night and into the next morning. We aim to create the same mountain magic at Lucidity 2020.

See you on the Dancefloor!

We Love You!!

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Elemental Realm of Air