Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Great Outdoors, Inc. (Santa Barbara / Ventura County Chapter)

Great Outdoors Theme Camp

Formed in 1977 as an alternative to meeting people in bars, the club’s motto was: “Out of the bars and under the stars.” That has been, and continues to be, its goal, now using the motto “Great Friends, Great Times, Great Outdoors.” Great Outdoors (GO) is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, providing low-cost outdoor activities, programs, education, and leadership training to members. It is the largest LGBTQ+ outdoor recreation organization in the western United States, inclusive of everyone regardless of sexual orientation or identity.

Great Outdoors will be hosting an LGBTQ+ friendly space for good times and camaraderie for queer folks and their allies. During the day there will be events to foster a strengthening relationship of this special intersection of communities. At night there will be a campfire* that will be available to those who wish to find some extra warmth..

Friday evening the camp will host a Queer Meet & Greet for participants who’d like to make new festie friends! Come join us around the campfire* and get to know your community.

Saturday afternoon there will be a hosted Art Weenie Roast. Carnivores and herbivores alike can come design their own dog, and have it roasted: figuratively by our camp hosts and literally by our campfire*! Get creative with your wiener and manifest and ingest your best edible art!

*As no burning flame is permitted, a propane pit will be used.