Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Flowtoys and Holistic Hooping

Flow Zone

Welcome to the Flow Zone, an interactive play environment, dedicated to the art of Flow!
Holistic Hooping & Flowtoys have offered their signature “Flow Zone” at Lucidity for almost a decade, providing a variety of flow art tools for play and for purchase. Their Flow Zone intends to bring magic, color and movement to the Lucidity Family with music, dance, scheduled flow playshops, personalized instruction, impromptu demonstrations and performances.

Please join them, to experience their many offerings, to truly “feel like a kid again”, and to inJOY the art of Flow in all of it’s glory!

Whether you are a family, a child, a serious flow artist, a performer, a kid at heart, or merely an observer, this Zone is created for YOU and your enjoyment!

Get activated by the transformational spinning spirals of geometric energy that this zone offers,
it is certainly an experience meant for everyone!