Via Vana

Via Vana began her flow arts journey 8 years ago, Ropedart being her first prop she learned from a few of her piers and whatever information or videos she could find on the internet since there wasn’t many others exploring this prop at the time. After  gathering whatever information she could and practicing over and over again till it became second nature.

After getting the technical side down she realized how ropedart and dance could be emerged in a way that may be compared to contemporary dance expression when adding a dance background to that art, as well as other form of art when applied well.

Since then Vana has explored other props double staffs being her second choice of prop followed by contact staff, fire eating and last but certainly not least fire fans being her second favorite since its easily used as a tool of dance expression.

Vana enjoys being able to have this tool as an expression of art and feelings as well as being able to provide others with something a little special to get lost in for a moment as she once did when she first encountered it herself.


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