River De Venado

River began dancing at the age of three. She traveled, performed, competed, worked with renowned choreographers, and loved it! She trained in ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, modern, tap, lyrical, theatre, and production pieces. After 14 years of devotion, she spread her wings to discover herself apart from the studio. She left her hometown in Montana and headed for the west coast. Soon after, she began exploring other avenues of dance and expression. She discovered silk fans and fire toys 4 years ago and has been exploring dancing with them ever since. After leaving the studio it took some time to gain the confidence to perform as the woman she has become and is ready to share her magnetic expression with the world. Her fierce passion for dancing and performing is guiding her spirit onward with the intention to make this a significant part of her reality again. This is when she feels most alive. River knows how to captivate an audience with her unique style of movement and attire leaving them engaged and wanting more. River currently resides in southern Oregon where she has found a likeminded community who live close to the earth and her cycles, celebrates life, honors death, and LOVE to dance.


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