Elia Luna is a multifaceted dancer who has been exploring the arts for the last 10 years. Nothing had struck her deeply though until she found the art of Belly Dance in 2022. Over the last two years she has journeyed in weaving together her own style through the integration of tribal fusion belly dance, flamenco, contemporary dance, hip-hop, and temple dance. This form of embodiment swept her off her feet and has propelled her into a journey of self-discovery with a new sense of inner & outer awareness. In her own practice she utilizes this form of movement to therapeutically move and channel energies, and to break open parts of herself that need more love in order to shine. Through her art she continues to melt the barrier between performer and audience, allowing for a sense of unity to be felt within the beautiful containers she holds. Her strong stage presence not only brings inspiration and awe, but also offers an opportunity for people to see their reflection in the stories she tells through her dance.


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