Jeff Schultz

Jeff has been practicing aerial for over 8 years, working with companies like Elevated Dreams, The dancing fire, Selah, UCSB, ImmaBreathe and various production companies. Jeff has also performed and worked in the entertainment industry working with artists like Maria Carry, Katie Perry, Kenny Logins and more. Performing and choreographing for music/arts festivals, music videos, private events, charities and on the proscenium stage. He credits his training to Autumn Phillips, Mathieu Leoppold and Julia Grace as some of the main sources to his style of Aerial. Along with Aerial, Jeff has also train in various street dance styles, contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, parkour, acro, fire spinning and many other forms of movement. He has been working on incorporating SEL, various movement techniques and his personal Aerial style to create a strong foundation for his students to follow whichever path they would like with their training. Helping people figure out how movement can be a healthy lifestyle, therapeutic, competition, performance, artistic, educational, or any other practice that they need.


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