Harmony began her pole journey in 2002 when she moved behind a pole fitness studio that was getting ready to open in Ventura CA . At the time bellydance was her passion and she was waiting tables to pay the rent and raising her first son with her now husband and father of her children, Richie. She took it as a sign and a life changing opportunity, moving behind the pole studio, and quickly jumped on getting pole certified. Thus began the journey!

Harmony taught pole, bellydance, and burlesque at Stagelight Studios, for about 2 years before moving and teaching pole out of her house. She had a home studio with 8 poles in the living room where she taught for several years. These were some of the best years of her life living the dream, raising family, and having fun with friends until she fell into the grips of drug addiction.
After losing it all to the bondage of heroin addiction she spent some years on the streets with her partner trying to get clean and failing miserably. It was the darkest of times for not only her, but also her family.
Through surrender and Divine intervention Harmony found hope and sobriety in Santa Barbara where she did a year program that transformed her life and united her back with her family and loved ones. Through this experience she began to believe in all things possible. If she could get clean she could do anything. This began Harmony’s new life. It it felt like being reborn and starting all over. She decided to open a pole studio and the name would be Seventh Dimension Dance. She had no car and only $3000 to her name from her tax return. She worked for minimum wage and rode a bike to work and back. Through being resourceful and through the help of so many amazing friends she was able to make the Seventh Dimension Dance dream a reality!
Harmony talked with her calworks (welfare) worker and asked if she found someone to rent a space to her if they could help with buying poles so she could start the business. Her worker laughed but said ok , she would see what she could do. Harmony found a space and a landlord that was willing to take a chance and with $3000 down for deposit she was now at 0$ in the bank but had a key to the front door of the studio that would become Seventh Dimension Dance!

It was because of all the AMAZING people who showed up to classes and stepped in with their expertise and helped Harmony that the studio has grown and become what it is today, magical!!! It has been completely Divine and she thanks God for this because truly this is a gift from God.
Harmony has since partnered with Jezaira who has taken the studio to the next level and who takes care of the business side of things. Jezaira was a student and the photographer for the studio. Covid hit and Jezaira stepped in to help Harmony with applying for disaster funding and cleaned up the messy backend parts of the business which was NOT Harmony’s expertise! Now they are co owners and the studio is stronger than ever! Seventh Dimension Dance survived Covid and the recent flooding from the storm that filled the studio with water. Through all the trials and tribulations we come back stronger together.

Harmony’s passion is being with her kids and family and dancing and training with her 7D family. … she is grateful that she gets to live her passion every day!