Christiana was born with the gift of sensitivity, which when celebrated, allows room for a passionate and curious expression. At Lucidity: Awake in Your Dreams, the environment and culture introduced to Christiana, unlocked flow and curiosity in a way that felt like a forgotten sense of play, and freedom. Witnessing poi, and the art of flow, on stage, she felt moved. At Lucidity: Moon’s Eye View, 7 years later, Christiana danced in her full expression, performing on stage, spinning poi, celebrating and being the celebrated. She felt moved.

Christiana would like to offer her performances as a prayer to the Chumash land, to all Indigenous ancestors, who also celebrated and told story with fire, and dancing; also as a tribute to the late and great, Ryan Williams, who greatly impacted her life and relationship to flow arts.

Come move and be moved, together celebrating 10 years, at Lucidity: The Great Synthesis.


Festival Locations: