Brittany Qui

Brittany Quidang is on a mission to inspire people to claim their individuality through radical self-reflection. Through what she describes as “paranormal dance activity,” Brittany captures and embodies sound through improvisation, traces of sacred geometry, interpretive gestures, and thought-provoking storytelling techniques.

Using a variety of experimental movements and props, combined with an emphasis on expressive emotions and character work, she can adapt to any stage and environment.

Some of her most recent work includes full-length performances — Mirame, performed at LIB 2022, & The Beloved Thief, performed at Okeechobee 2022.

In just the past few years, Brittany has also performed at many other acclaimed music festivals including EDC-Vegas, EDC-Mexico, Groove Cruise, The Untz, Sonic Bloom, Lucidity Gathering and more. She has also collaborated with popular artists including Clozee, Claptone, HÄANA, Soohan, The Sacred G’s, Siren Society, and the Dancetronauts, among others.