Roger Fojas

Roger Fojas has had a unique diverse background in the arts for over 2 decades working as perfomer, choreographer, clown, photographer, and artistic director for a wide variety of projects. Among them, Fojas has been a founding member with circusand clown groups  Lucent Dossier Experience And L’unkles Boink as well as actively worked as part of Insomniac, Cirque Berxerk, The Silayan Dance Company, Sypher Arts. And Astra Dance Theatre. He has toured as Ringmaster Roger with rock band Panic at the Disco and performed with circus groups in festivals and events internationally and has facilitaed character and movement workshops : Finding Character ( Explorations in clowning) and BElonging ( w/Fernando  Artiga) . For Lucidity 2019 Roger is excited to take part as the Earth avater lEAF, bring this characters curiosity to learn and grow into the dynamics of a wonderful festival experience.

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