Studying contact Firestaff in 2003, Rif stumbled across a new way of learning how to learn faster. Synthesizing these new ideas into a training program called Kung Flow, Rif self propelled from mediocre hobbyist to world class, world touring, full time Fire Pro in about a year.

Traveling the world spinning fire was fun, but then a kid at a rehab used Kung Flow to overcome a gnarly cocaine addiction. Fascinated, Rif gave up the flaming Rockstar life and took a job at the high risk Teen clinic. This was so he could dive deep into the study of the mind/body operating systems. All the skills you see on stage are the result of this new kind of learning technology. Many clinical clients have used Kung Flow to end addiction and overcome PTSD. This is what drives Rif’s 46 year body onto stage and upside down into the air at strange hours. 🙂

Rif’s hope is that his performance inspires you to study the LightSword. Why? Because it can help you unlock a whole new life. You can download the full training program for free at www.KungFlow.com.

Rif is also excited to announce he will be able let you play with the KnightLight, a new kind of Contact LightSword. Which is full circle perfect, because Live Oak is where his journey with the Sword started at LIB in 2007.  Find him on the dance floor and take the Model One for a spin!
Expect Magic.


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