Rewi and Tina met through the circus community in Los Angeles California in 2013. They immediately grew fond of each others and their mutual obsession for the circus arts unified them! They knew that they wanted to seek collaboration in creating performances and shows together. Tina travelled to New Zealand in January 2014 where they trained together for about 3 months. They discovered that together their diverse and multi-disciplinary skill set could create a Big Top Circus (or something close to it) with just the two of them.

CirqueSanity is a duo project derived of high end circus arts, jaw dropping aerial feats, mind melting object manipulation, fire performance, acrobatics, contortion, visual arts, and vivaciously vibrant characters. CirqueSanity has graced festival stages worldwide, presenting an ultra fresh, eclectic & high energy mix of cutting edge circus arts.

CirqueSanity offers and amazing variety of professional circus acts and high quality shows performing for events & parties of all kinds from public, private and corporate affairs. Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, launch parties, Street Performance Festivals, Music and Arts Festivals, Fairs, Concerts, Theatre stage shows, Nightclubs, Galas, and more. Their reasons for creations are limitless.


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