Bethany Burns

Detroit Native Bethany Burns is a passionate artist of many forms. She has studied all types of dance arts since childhood from tap, ballet, lyrical, belly, hip hop and modern. She has used this experience to develop   a form of performance that represents qualities of beauty and simplicity.

Bethany’s unique style fuses lyrical hip hop with tribal arts to create a symbiotic relationship between the movement of her body to all different types of music.

This fusion also carries over into her hoop dance technique as well as her aerial dance style.  Both of which she has studied since 2010.

With grace and control she captivates minds and touches the hearts of all who seek out passion in its purest form.She strives to create moments of deep connection with her audience, which resonate from her toes to her fingertips.
Her love for humanity drives her to continuously seek out enchantment in life, and to share it through her expressive performances. Anyone willing to open their heart, will find themselves taken on an intricate journey of self expression to the depths her being and back again.

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