Sowiluf (she/they) is a Celtic-Nordic Pagan practitioner who does both Tarot and Rune divination, along with Pagan ritual and ceremony. She learned how to do divination about 9 years ago, later teaching “Rune and Tarot Divination 101” workshops at San Francisco State University. Sowiluf follows the world-view of Paganism, a spirituality rooted in practicing “the old ways” through ritual and ceremony, listening to nature, deities/entities, and ones own spiritual path. She sees divination as being directly aligned with nature/animistic spiritual perspectives, where reading divination is about learning and observing from the connections all around us. The entities she typically works with are: Freya, The Morgan, Odin, Sleipnir, Huginn and Munin, and her ancestors/guides. She thinks her purpose in doing this work is to help others do their work, creating multiple healing systems that benefit the Earth and future generations. If you have any questions about Norse mythos, stories, and philosophy, she has the answers!

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