Phoenix Lamour

A gifted empath and healer, Phoenix shares her intuitive gifts to provide guidance for this life and your soul journey’s ascension. Her philosophy of “Complete Embodied Wellness” targets not only physical health, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual alignment to allow your most authentic, fulfilled, sovereign self to shine through. Phoenix uses her abilities as a Reiki Master Teacher to scan the body for ailments or misalignments, clear energetic imbalances, stabilize chakras, and impart messages from your spirit team. She is a certified tarot reader and instructor, astrologist, licensed massage therapist, Hermetic High Priestess, and ordained as a minister under the Universal Life Church. As a dream ranger, Phoenix travels the other planes of reality to help those in need or who are in crisis. A published researcher in both Biological and Psychological work, Phoenix is a friend who will walk with you in your darkest places. She specializes in Shadow Work, bridging the gap between the subconscious and your conscious mind-states to allow proper integration of your total self. Phoenix is claircognizant, and channels messages from Source directly. She is also initiated into the Dark Flame of Veil Illumination, a sacred healing technique that allows the user to see into the mysteries of Life and Death. She works with the transformative energy of Kali Ma to cut through illusion and transmute outdated egoic structures, bringing forth enlightenment. Phoenix’s mission is to be a catalyst for growth in the lives of everyone she interacts with, reawakening the fire within.


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