nik castle

nik castle is a social alchemist dedicated to nurturing and supporting complex and dynamic long-term shifts for communities, their cultures, and their people. They combine study of clinical psychology with relational and archetypal tools like the tarot, non-violent communication, shadow integration, and the 8-circuit model of consciousness to explore humanity with empathy and tenderness. Bringing these tools together creates a bridge between the spiritual and the mundane that allows nik to act as a grounding anchor for spiritual exploration rooted firmly in the human experience.

They believe that as spiritual beings having a human incarnation, we humans are curious about the full spectrum of emotions, situations, and experiences that arise from being human. Rather than chasing spirituality, nik is adept at supporting people through approaching more genuine and wholehearted ways to honor the balance between the human and the divine.


  • Astrology
  • Clairvoyant
  • Tarot / Oracle Readings

Oracle Description

I served as narrative director for the The Chapel Perilous art installation at Llucidity last year, which illustrates the 8-Circuit model of consciousness. My most optimistic goal is to offer an integrated experience to connect with fellows at Lucidity on matters of consciousness and connection dynamically, centering rootedness in humanity as a foundation from which to spiritually explore and experiment. My approach is to meet people where they are, rather than imposing the structure of this model on sessions or on workshops in a forceful way, my purpose at Lucidity this year is to keep an ear out for connections between these threads in the broader tapestry of my service supporting the community in connecting in more wholehearted ways, bridging gaps between the human and spiritual experiences.

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